Rio Guadalupe Trout Fishing Public Access

Rio Guadalupe Trout Fishing Public Access

Rio Guadalupe is a tributary to the Jemez River and part of the Middle Rio Grande River system. The confluence of Rio Cebolla and Rio de Las Vacas form the Rio Guadalupe at Porter Landing elevation 7,200’.

From Porter Landing the river flows through series of box canyons and valley confinement until it reaches the wider, lower gradient valley type for the last 5 miles before reaching the confluence with the Jemez River elevation 5,700’.

The Rio Guadalupe travels 13.4 miles from Porter before joining the Jemez River downstream of Gilman, NM.

Rio Guadalupe originates in the Jemez Mountains, which were formed by uplift and volcanic activity. The Rio Guadalupe flows through confined valleys and deep bedrock canyons. Geoloically, the Rio Guadalupe flows through areas associated with the Nacimiento Uplift.

More money is spent in raising, stocking, and managing trout than any other game fish in New Mexico. Classy, wily, and challenging fishing sport, trout are members of the salmon family. They have specific habitat requirements which include cold, clear, clean water with a high amount of dissolved oxygen, and plenty of cover.

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  1. deaner

    Hello just wondering where is a good spot to do some fly fishing on the Rio Guadalupe? We’ll be in the area in about a month, and would like to check out the tunnels, and maybe get a couple of hours in on the river, if the spring melt is not too strong. We were looking at the “Guadalupe Box” noted on the google maps, and were thinking about starting there and hiking up the river. Is that a good place to start? Thank you – deaner


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