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New Mexico Fly Fishing Guide
New Mexico Outdoor Fly Fishing Sports Guide
Anglers spend millions of dollars annually on the raising and stocking of rainbow trout throughout New Mexico. America’s most spectacular contribution to the sport-fishing world, rainbow trout are transplanted from their home in the Pacific Northwest throughout the world. To identify a rainbow trout, look for a dark back, polished silvery sides, a red band along the lateral line, shimmers of green and blue in the sunlight, and black specks from head to tail. The red lateral band varies from faint in lake fish to brilliant in stream fish.
New Mexico Fly Fishing Guide
More money is spent in raising, stocking, and managing trout than any other game fish in New Mexico. Classy, wily, and challenging fishing sport, trout are members of the salmon family. They have specific habitat requirements which include cold, clear, clean water with a high amount of dissolved oxygen, and plenty of cover.


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New Mexico Fly Fishing Guide
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