Whirling Disease Foundation

Whirling Disease Foundation
Whirling Disease Foundation receives added support through efforts from 3M Scientific Anglers™ WhirlingDeseaseST. PAUL, Minn. 1/03- To assist in its efforts to combat whirling disease, the leading threat to wild trout, salmon, char and steelhead, the 3M Foundation — with assistance from the staff at 3M Scientific Anglers — has awarded another financial grant to the Whirling Disease Foundation (WDF), announces Ken Prchal, product manager for Scientific Anglers. Along with the monetary assistance from the 3M Foundation, Scientific Anglers has donated an assortment of fly-fishing related products to the WDF for fundraising and donor recognition programs. According to Dave Kumlien, executive director for the Whirling Disease Foundation, the fly-fishing products “will help us generate the revenue needed to conduct our 9th annual National Whirling Disease Symposium, This symposium provides the means for top researchers of many disciplines to come together to tackle this devastating trout disease.” This is the second time that the 3M Foundation has awarded one of its conservation grants to the WDF. The grant money in 2001 was used in part to support the first whirling disease study of native cutthroat trout in Yellowstone National Park. Whirling disease has been detected in fish in 23 U.S. states, and also in New Zealand, central Europe, South Africa and northeast Asia. From the Myxobolus cerbralis parasite, it leads to deformities, decreases the ability for fish to feed, and causes high rates of mortality in young-of-the-year fish. It is most infective in rainbow and cutthroat trout, and most other salmonid species are also at risk. When one infected fish dies, thousands to millions of the parasite spores are released into waters, enabling them to spread to otherwise healthy fish populations. All donations to the Whirling Disease Foundation support research to combat the disease and are fully deductible under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contact the Foundation at either 406/585-0860, or on the web at: www.whirling-disease.org.

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