Toledo Bend Bass Fishing Report October 2004

Toledo Bend Bass Fishing Report October 2004
Fishing Report After 2 slow days of fishing on Rayburn we went and fished on Toledo Bend today. Fishing had been fairly good (but not great yet) until this week and for some reason the bite really slowed down for us. If you have been following my reports on Rayburn, I have been finding fish in the backs of coves. Some have grass and some dont. The best baits this week were still a wacky worm, senko, baby chugbug and a Lucky Craft Flat CB SR in Ghostminnow. The biggest change was the lack of bites per cove and fewer keepers. We did back off and catch a few on C rigs but nothing to get excited about. If you have been keeping up with all the tournament action these last few weeks, The Horny Toad has been the hot ticket. Let me say that I can catch a few fish on the bait but I have not figured out how they are catching 20LBS on it. Shallow hydrilla, coontail, pepper grass, and pads are all good things to look for right now. Mix it up and dont fish to fast. Alt copy goes hereNow, on Toledo Bend things got a whole lot better. We stayed in Housen all day. We started throwing baby chugbugs up near the mats of peppergrass and coon tail. We caught a few good fat keepers and then I back out a little throwing Lucky Craft Flat CB MR in ghostminnow. They started eating that thing up, big fat ones. The bites slowed around 8:15. We hoped around hitting different spots using all baits. We caught 1 on a spinner, 1 on a C-rig, 2 on a TX rig worm, maybe 3 on the cranbait. Finally around 1pm I headed back to where we started. Using the LC crankbait and a Lucky Craft LVR-7 (rat-l-trap type bait) we proceeded to catch them pretty good. It lasted for about and hour and then slowed down again. The best area was a hydrilla bed about 40yds by 30yrds. It was about 1 1/2 ft below the surface at it’s shallowest point and stoped in 8 or 9ft. You wanted to cast the crankbait over the grass that was in 5-8ft with grass 3-5ft below the surface. You could throw the LVR over all of it, shallow and deeper grass. Use a stop and go on the LVR. With the water starting to cool I would expect to see both the wacky worm bite really taking off and an all day topwater bite. I do have some days available these last 2 weeks of Oct. and I will be booking fishing trips this year throughout the winter along with duck hunts. Good luck. Greg Crafts Toledo Bend Guide Greg Crafts Phone: 936.368.7151

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