Toledo Bend Bass Fishing Report May 2003

Toledo Bend Bass Fishing Report May 2003
The spawn is just about over and the bass are starting to fall into a typical summer fishing pattern as the water continues warming. Alt copy goes hereStart the day by fishing the shallow grass flats close to deep- water creeks with a buzz bait, spinner bait, top water plug or finesse plastic until the sun gets over head. Use white colors on clear days and white/chartreuse on cloudy days. Once the sun gets overhead, back out to the deeper creek channel drops and concentrate in the bends of the creek. Throw Model A’s and Little N’s in shade colors. Cast to the shelf and crank back into the creek. Also throw a Carolina rigged lizard or French fry off the points close to the creeks. Watermelon or chartreuse seems to be the most productive color. As the day warms up, the bass will usually start schooling on the edges of the creeks. Throw chrome rattletraps or shallow diving crank baits that match the size of the shade the fish are chasing or a chrome pop r or chug bug. In the latter part of the month as the water continues to warm, the lake continues to fall, and the grass starts growing on the main lake humps and ridges, fish the grass ridges and the old river channel drops. Use Carolina Riggs in the grass and deep diving cranks (DD 22 and 30) in the old river channel. Also throw a Carolina rig on the shelf of the river channel and drag it back into deep water concentrating on the bends and the points in the river channel. The white bass are back in the main lake moving up and down the old river channel. Concentrate on the outside bends throwing a slab spoon, small cranks, or tail spinner (Rinky Dink) baits. As the water warms the whites will start schooling on top chasing shad. A clear tiny torpedo or 1/4 oz chrome rattletrap usually produces good results. The bream are bedding and will continue to get better through out the month, crickets and worms working best. Greg Crafts Toledo Bend Guide Greg Crafts Phone: 936.368.7151

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