Toledo Bend Bass Fishing Report March 2003

Toledo Bend Bass Fishing Report March 2003
The lake is at 171.08 ft. and slowly falling , high pool is 172 ft. Water temperature is ranging in the upper sixties to lower seventies and will be rising with the warm weather. North end of the lake is muddy to stained and clearing further south. One generator operating 24/7 with seven gates open one foot. Alt copy goes hereThe Black Bass have busted wide open. Large stringers and good numbers coming in all over the lake. Bigger fish are being caught way back in the buck brush on tubes and jigs by flipping and pitching the brush. A huge 5 fish stringer of 38.30 lbs won the Sealy team tournament this weekend with 311 teams bringing 1,205 fish and weighting over 3,300 lbs. It took 18 lbs just to get a check that paid thirty places. Black/Blue, Chameleon, and watermelon colors all working well on tubes and jigs. White Bass are on the rampage. Excellent reports of Whites being caught north and south of the Logansport bridge. Some fish still being caught in the deeper sloughs and some on the main river sandbars. Live crawfish working best. Crappie moving into the backs of the creeks and pockets getting ready to spawn. Good reports of Catfish coming in on trot-lines. Live bream working best. Greg Crafts Toledo Bend Guide Greg Crafts Phone: 936.368.7151

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