Toledo Bend Bass Fishing Report July 2004

Toledo Bend Bass Fishing Report July 2004
The lake level is just over high pool at 172.14 msl (high pool is 172 msl). The north end of the lake is stained clearing as you go further south. Water temp is in the upper 80s. Both generators running 8 hrs from 12pm to 8pm. Caution should be used in running unmarked areas of the lake. A lot of timber is just under the surface of the water. Alt copy goes hereEarly morning and late evening we’re working shallow grass flats, flooded brush, lily pads and pepper grass close to deep water with top water plugs, stick baits, s***** frogs, buzz baits, spinner baits, shallow diving and lipless crank baits and finesse plastics (Senkos, Flukes, and Trick worms). When the sun gets overhead or the bite slows down, back out to deeper water along creek channel drops, river ledges, timberlines, main lake ridges and humps, secondary and main lake points with mid to deep diving crank baits, slab spoons, tail spinners and Texas or Carolina rigged soft plastics. Watch for schooling bass and keep a lipless crank bait, shallow diving crank bait and top water plug handy. If you are lucky enough to find some deep -water grass (hydrilla) pitch jigs or throw Carolina rigged plastics in the grass. If you want to beat the heat try fishing at night when the bass are more active. Concentrate along the shoreline where deep water is close by. Lighted piers, seawalls and rock banks will also be productive. Throw top water baits that make a lot of noise, buzz baits, large dark colored spinner baits and large dark colored soft baits. The White Bass are starting to school along the river channel, boat lanes, road beds and flats throughout the day. Keep a trap, shallow diving crank bait or top water plug handy when they are schooling and a slab spoon or tail spinner when they go down. Crappie are holding in 15 to 25 ft. over brush tops. Better catches coming in at night. Live shiners or jigs tipped with a shiner working best. Greg Crafts Toledo Bend Guide Greg Crafts Phone: 936.368.7151

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