Toledo Bend Bass Fishing Report January 2004

Toledo Bend Bass Fishing Report January 2004
The lake level is 167.82 ft msl, and rising from the recent rains. High pool is (172ft). Surface water temperatures are running in the upper 40s to low 50s. The north end of the lake is stained from the run off. SRA is only generating two hours per day from 5 to 7pm. Alt copy goes hereThe Crappie bite slowed up some this week on the very north end of the lake because of stained water. Better stringers coming in on river channel ledges south of Huxley in clearer water. Shiners are working best in 20 plus foot of water along river ledges when fished over brush tops. Use your electronics to locate the tops and balls of shad to locate the Crappie. Black Bass – A couple patterns are working on the lake right now, shallow and deep. Deep creek channel shelf and ledges and the river channel shelf and ledges. Work your electronics and look for large balls of shad suspended in 20 plus foot of water to locate the bass. Jigs, jigging spoons, tail spinners and half to three quarter ounce spinner baits slow rolled working best. A slow presentation is the key to triggering a strike since the bass’s metabolism has slowed down with the cold water. Some smaller bass are starting to show up in the coves and pockets but the bigger fish seem to still be hanging in deep water. Work areas close to deep water with spinner baits, jerk baits, traps, shallow diving crank baits and finesse plastics. The White Bass have started moving into the river proper with some good stringers being caught. Some already showing up north of the Logansport Bridge. The bigger Whites haven’t shown up yet but they aren’t far behind. Road Runners, tail spinners and shallow diving traps working best. Live crawfish will be the best bait to use when you can get them. We’re still catching a lot of Whites off the main lake river channel sand bars on slab spoons and tail spinners. For more information or to book a trip, please visit my website at or give me a call at 936.368.7151. Greg Crafts Toledo Bend Guide Greg Crafts Phone: 936.368.7151

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