Red River Fly Fishing Reports February 2004

Red River Fly Fishing Reports February 2004
Ed Adams New Mexico Fly Fishing GuideMore cold and snowy weather kept me off the river in the first half of February. On 2/17 I fished with Joe at the confluence and unbeknownst to us we were behind another angler. Water temp was 48-52* and we did see a few Caddis but no rising fish.. On 2/20, a warm and overcast day and water at 52* at 11am. I got a few nice fish but it was slow and there were few bugs..On 2/22 I fished with Rita and water temps were from 52-56* and a fair amount of bugs {Caddis-Mayflies}. Some of the Browns we got were very skinny…We didn’t see any spawners..On 2/25 I fished alone and water temps were 52-55*. Fishing was slow and fish seemed to be holding deeper and reluctant to elevate. Water level is also up a bit but clear..We have had some -0* nights and this may explain the skinny fish as they weren’t around the last time. Ed Adams New Mexico Fly Fishing Guide Questa, New Mexico 505.586.1512

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