Red River Fly Fishing Reports February 2004
Ed Adams New Mexico Fly Fishing GuideMore cold and snowy weather kept me off the river in the first half of February. On 2/17 I fished with Joe at the confluence and unbeknownst to us we were behind another angler. Water temp was 48-52* and we did see a few Caddis but no rising fish.. On 2/20, a warm and overcast day and water at 52* at 11am. I got a few nice fish but it was slow and there were few bugs..On 2/22 I fished with Rita and water temps were from 52-56* and a fair amount of bugs {Caddis-Mayflies}. Some of the Browns we got were very skinny…We didn’t see any spawners..On 2/25 I fished alone and water temps were 52-55*. Fishing was slow and fish seemed to be holding deeper and reluctant to elevate. Water level is also up a bit but clear..We have had some -0* nights and this may explain the skinny fish as they weren’t around the last time. Ed Adams New Mexico Fly Fishing Guide Questa, New Mexico 505.586.1512