Lake Livingston Bass Fishing Report April 1999

Lake Livingston Bass Fishing Report April 1999
Largemouth bass are spawning all over the lake. The trick is finding water clear enough to sight fish them. The backs of Bethy, Harmon, Carolina, Caney, and White Rock all have some pockets way in the back where you can find and see bass on the bed. Stanley new Tuba Tube has been my number one producer for the sight fishing that I have been doing. The buzzbait bite is strong early on the lake right now and should continue all spring. The best bite on the buzzbait is naturally early and late, but the bite can go all day in over cast conditions. Stanleys ¼ oz buzzbait in white or chartreuse is the best one to throw. Berkley Power Worms in red shad are always a good choice here for bass holding on visible cover. Target fishing the shoreline cover like rocks, laydowns, stumps, boat docks, and reeds is a strong pattern with a 5/16 oz Stanley Jig. Black/blue, black/chartreuse, and white are the three jig colors that I mainly throw here at Livingston. White bass fishing has been excellent on Bedias, Nelson, and Harmon creeks. Rat-L-Traps in chrome blue back are a top choice as well as any topwater bait when they are schooling. Bill Cannan Professional Fishing Guide

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