SANTA FE, NM-The new 2004-2005 Fishing Rules and Information Booklet, or RIB, generated confusion regarding bag limits of trout and salmon. The RIB indicates the bag limit for brown, brook and rainbow trout, lake trout and Kokanee salmon each has a daily bag limit of five fish, which is incorrect. The daily limit actually is a combined total of all of these fish from one or more species. No more than five fish can be kept. For example, a licensed angler may keep five brown trout as the bag limit; or three brown and two rainbow trout; or one brook trout, two lake trout and two Kokanee salmon. The total combined keep in one day must not exceed a total of five fish. The possession limit, which is twice the daily bag limit, allows an angler to possess up to 10 trout and/or salmon. The RIB correctly states that only two of the fish in the daily bag and possession limit may be cutthroat trout. No Gila trout may be in possession at any time.