Fishing Crazy Bear Lake in 2005

Fishing Crazy Bear Lake in 2005

Flying toward Crazy Bear Lake, the area to the west looks as though the Yellowstone fires have reoccurred. This is due to the Lonesome Lake fire of 2004. When you land at Crazy Bear Lake you see that everything looks as serene as the day it was created.
The forest fire left the area surrounding the lodge untouched and, in fact, has created an oasis where animals and birds seek refuge. One guest, whose hobby is bird watching, counted 53 different species.

A short hike away, gourmets were pleased to find morel mushrooms sprouting in abundance. These delicacies only spring up after a fire and are expected to grow for a few more years. If you dare to ask for a dish of morels in a fine restaurant you may be surprised by the price they charge. At Crazy Bear Lake Lodge they are and will be – no extra charge. Yeah!!!

Wildflowers and new exotic plants blossomed everywhere for an exciting spectacle for our guests. Rejuvenation without cloning. Imagine – all these species have been lying dormant ever since the last fire came through here 150 years ago.

The fishing was the best ever – larger fish in ever-increasing numbers.

Spring brought the most rain we had seen in the past 25 years. Subsequently, some flooding covered trails through the wild meadows to Hidden and Secret lakes. Between the flooding and the moose these trails were impassible. No one went to these two lakes this summer, which means Hidden and Secret have not been fished since the fire of 2004. Fishing these lakes will be exciting next year.

I hope that all my regular guests will come back in 2006 to share with me the spectacular transformation of the fishing, the wildlife, the birds, and the morels!

Crazy Bear is still one of the best places in British Columbia.

I will be at the Fly Fishing Show in the Meydenbauer Center at Bellevue, WA from February 10-12, 2006. Stop in and visit with me.

Thought of the Day:

Don’t let a – military conflict, a Wall Street dilemma, a mysterious disease or a terrorist threat dissuade you from living life to the fullest.

GO FISHING – it’s good for the soul!

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