Company Profile – Lee Sisson Lures

Company Profile – Lee Sisson Lures
Big Sisson 2 Old BB2.thumb Big Sisson 3 Old BB3.thumb Takahiro Omori, winner of the BASSMASTER CLASSIC used an old BB2 to win what many feel is the most prestigious bass tournament held. This very effective lure, along with other old Bagley lures built in the early days, have been highly sought by today’s tournament pros. Many lure makers have tried to duplicate the action of these old lures, but most have had only limited success. The really good news is that Lee Sisson Lures now makes these great baits available to you and other fishermen throughout the world. Sisson baits have the same shape, lip, flotation, and action as their predecessors, and results show that they will catch bass when other baits are drawing a blank. But actually why shouldn’t they. After all, Lee Sisson built these lures for 12 years while working as a designer and production manager at Bagley’s during the late 70’s and early 80’s. Owner/Designer – When Lee Sisson began fashioning hand-made crankbaits that would run considerably deeper than those on the market, he began to establish himself as one of Louisiana’s top tournament anglers. In the process, he also began to develop a reputation for his craftsmanship as a quality lure maker. It was Lee Sisson who took the crude crankbaits of the past and refined the diving lures into a reliable fishing tool that even the most inexperienced fisherman could utilize successfully. Working from Jim Bagley’s original design of the Balsa B, Sisson molded the kind of lures that ran from just below the surface to depths that had never been explored by crankbait fishermen. His deep diving lures such as the DB3 and Diving Killer B, soon became favorites for many of America’s bass fishermen. In past years Sisson has influenced the lures in most of our tackle boxes and we weren’t even aware of it. He has manufactured baits for many of the major lure companies such as Heddon, Strike King, Mann’s, Arbogast, Bass Pro, Cabella, etc. ….you get the picture. All of Sisson’s lures are made from Jelutong, a light but tough wood which has the flotation of balsa but the strength of cedar. This light wood allows for a well balanced lure with maximum action. Sisson’s manufacturing techniques give the lures a quick vibration with a wandering action only wood can provide. Another feature Sisson added is the Ticker sound chamber. This chamber simulates the “ticking”sounds shad and crawfish make. These are just some of the reasons Lee Sisson lures have influenced the industry for decades. The Lee Sisson product line consists of baits that established his reputation for reliability and quality. Lures such as the Diving Woody 2 (DKB2) and the Big Deep Ticker, (DB3), along with the rest of the Ticker Series are good examples. But Sisson hasn’t been resting on his laurels because he just keeps improving on the already proven line of products. Sisson is also reintroducing the “tuning button” in diving lures. Early Bagley lures designed by Sisson had this feature and it was one of the reasons for their great success. The tuning button is a lead button in the lip at the pull point. By moving the weight forward into the lip the lure has a face down attitude. This allows the lure to start diving from the first turn of the handle, reach the strike zone quicker and stay there longer. Pinkeye.thumb The light but tough Jelutong body and wide quick action is the heart of the Pink Eye. Like all of Sisson’s lures, the Pink Eye has the same fish catching features which makes it an important lure to have in your tacklebox. The Shallow runs to 2 ft, the Diver gets to 6 ft, and the Pink Eye X-Stream dives to 10 ft. Most small lures can’t even think about going that deep, but the depth is achieved in Sisson lures by using the new weight-forward design in the lip. Slim Willies.thumb Take the extremely quick vibration action only wood can offer, add the flat sides and the Ticker sound chamber, and you have the new Slim Willie. This unique ½ inch wide flat-sided lure comes in a deep version which dives to 8 ft (using the weight forward lip), and a shallow version which dives to about one foot. A very effective method of fishing the shallow version is to make it “wake the surface” by holding the rod tip high as the bait is retrieved. Tennessee Tuffy.thumb The Tennessee Tuffy has a coffin lip inserted straight in for maximum depth and a tight action. The flat sides and Ticker sound chamber combined with the action only wood can create is one reason this lure has been a favorite for years. Ticker Series.thumb The Ticker Series – The Big Deep Ticker is the lure that actually got Lee Sisson into the lure business. Lee had the only deep diving crankbait and was winning most of the tournaments in his area. This is the same lure Lee built in Louisiana which became the Bagley’s DB3. Dives to 18 feet. Woody 2.thumb Diving Woody 2 – If you liked the old Bagley DKB2 you will love this lure. Sisson has reproduced the old DKB2, even putting the weight forward in the lip to get the lure down quick and keep it in the strike zone longer. The Deep Woody 6 is a 6 inch bait that dives to 20 feet, has a Ticker, heavy hardware and a vibrant searching action. The Medium Woody 6 dives to 10 feet and has all the features that make the Sisson lures sought after by fish and fishermen. Lee Sisson Ultra Mag 30 Crankbait Ultra Mag 30 – Big lures for Big fish. A rugged 11 inch body with extra strong hooks and split rings which tested out at 100 lbs. make this bait a brute. Combine the strength and action with sound chambers that create a vibration which draws fish from great distances, and you have a special lure that big fish just can’t resist. Lee Sisson Tree Frog Tree Frog – Finally a scum bait that is heavy enough to cast to those hard to reach pockets and floats high enough to keep it above all the trash. The strong single hook is hidden in the enticing replaceable trailer to make it completely weedless Lee Sisson Flicker Spinnerbait The Flicker – Imagine you are on the lake as the sun begins to rise and you seen a school of shad waking just under the surface. As you watch, you see a shad flick ever so often. Then all of a sudden the world turns to bass. The new “Flicker” bait will wake under the surface just like that shad, and this change of action triggers strikes. This unique action is achieved by a special wire bend that puts the blade in line with the spinnerbait pull point and a willow-leaf blade that is bent on a 90 degree angle about 5/8 of an inch up from the tip. The blade is strategically placed directly over the hook for better hook-ups. Lee Sisson Skimmer Topwater The Skimmer – Casts like a dream and will easily “walk the dog” on the surface by simply retrieving it. This action is achieved by using the same diving plane as in the Hybrid, but turned over to act as a spoon. The bait uses a heavy ¾-ounce spinnerbait head with the surface plane attached to the wire. Lee Sisson Hybrid SpinnerCrank The Hybrid – A truly unique lure that combines the best features of a spinnerbait and a crankbait. Basically it is a spinnerbait frame with a diving plane. The Hybrid uses a unique diving plane which is hidden between the ¾-ounce spinnerbait body and the blade arm. This makes it as weedless, if not more so, than a regular spinnerbait. The blade arm goes through the diving plane and a large willow-leaf blade hangs from a premium ball bearing swivel. If you allow the lure to sink to 25 ft. the Hybrid will hold that depth during retrieve. The combination of the weedless design of a spinnerbait with the diving plane drives it down where the lunker bass hide. You can fish the lure in any type of structure such as brush and standing grass where you might normally hang up a crankbait. Another great feature of the Hybrid is that you can adjust it to run to one side or the other. This is achieved by bending the blade arm just after it comes out of the diving plane. By tuning the lure to run to one side you can bounce it off trees and get it into hard to reach places under boat docks, floating structure, and pilings. Lee Sisson PopperWoodwalkerSissonMinnow Sisson doesn’t just build crankbaits. His arsenal also includes the Sisson Popper, a 2 ¾ inch conventional popper, the 3 inch Sisson Spinner,
and the 4 ½ inch Woodwalker. Also included is a ½-ounce, 4 inch quick swimming action Sisson Minnow. When you combine nearly
30 years of lure designing, testing and manufacturing, along with truly innovative features, you see why Lee Sisson Lures have influenced the industry for three decades. Should It Rattle Or Not? That has been the question since a weight came loose in a plastic lure in the early 60’s and seemingly caused the bait to catch a bunch of bass. And to this day the debate continues. A few years ago the “add a rattle” group tried to convince folks that louder was better. That didn’t last long, but the “don’t add a rattle” group has begun to question that theory also. Sound is just a part of the vibrations fish feel as you drag a lure through the water. The movement of a lure is felt by a fish even if the lure has no rattles. Bass have one olfactory sense and one visual sense, but three ways to pick up movement (vibration) in the water. They pick up vibration patterns through their lateral line, inner ear and swim bladder. Studies have shown that vibration will attract fish even quicker than taste or smell. One study showed sharks were attracted to vibration more often than blood, even though their ability to pick up blood in the water is very acute. This tells us that vibration patterns could be more important than color, even though most of us are influenced a great deal by the color of a lure. Notice I said vibration “patterns”, because not all sound is the same. Bass and other species have fine-tuned senses which allow them to chase down prey even in the dark of night in muddy water at a depth of twenty feet. But those same senses warn them of danger when things just don’t seem right . The trick is to use this refined sense to attract fish, not spook them. Lee Sisson has spent a lifetime studying the reactions that different sounds have on fish. Years of research on and in the water, studying bass in tanks and talking to fisheries biologist, have confirmed the fact that fish are attracted by certain vibration patterns. “It all started back when Sisson was in college”. Sisson says. “As a student I had plenty of time to fish and spent many hours on Toledo Bend. I always wondered how bass found schools of shad and stayed with them. One day as I was running down the lake a school of shad surfaced. It was a hot day anyway, so I baled out of the boat and into this big school of shad. That is the first time I heard the ticking sound. Shad were all around me and they were all making a sound like the clicking together of small rocks. I watched and listened as a school of bass suddenly slashed through the school. As the bass chased the school I saw crippled shad sink towards the bottom where even larger bass were waiting to feed. Sisson goes on to say, “I learned two very important things that day. The first was the fact that sound is a very important aspect of fishing. The second was that I sure was glad I wasn’t a shad.” The same type of ticking sound you hear from a school of shad is also made by crawfish. This is the reason Sisson developed the tuned Ticker sound chamber. The Ticker in Sisson lures simulate the sounds that both crawfish and shad make. Sisson states, “I don’t want a loud sound in my lures, but I do want the right sound. We developed the Ticker sound years ago and it has been so successful that we now put it in all of our crankbaits”. So as the should it rattle or not rattle debate continues there is now a third option. Perhaps tuned sounds which simulate baitfish and attract bass and other species is the most important factor of all. The life-long goal of lure designer/manufacturer Lee Sisson has been to produce the finest quality wood lures at a price every fisherman can afford. Sisson continues to improve the lures and keep the price down by developing and fine-tuning production techniques gained by over 30 years of experience. Lee Sisson BS2 Crankbait For Additional Information Contact: Lee Sisson Lures 305 McKean St. Auburndale, Fl. 33823 Phone (863) 967-4036 Email –

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