CastAway Builds New Facility in Montgomery

CastAway Builds New Facility in Montgomery
Popularity explosion is the best way to describe the phenomenal growth at CastAway. Since their inception 2 years ago their product line has grown from 30 models to over 170. They are now internationally distributed and are probably the hottest rod on the market today. Their popularity is mainly attributable to the quality of construction of their rods. CastAway prides itself in their painstaking attention to construction and cosmetic detail. They started with 30 models using G-Loomis Premier and IM6 material. In their second year they added a new material T-700 Graduated Modulus Graphite. In fact they were chosen by the manufacturer of the T-700 material to have the exclusive use of this material because of CastAway’s reputation as quality rod manufacturers. CastAway is the brainchild of Montgomery, Texas resident, Billy Kistler. Applying his ten years experience in the rod building business Kistler started CastAway two years ago. He is a “Hands On” type who pays great attention to what the fishing public wants by spending time in the field talking to fishermen. He is a pretty good tournament fisherman too and proved it last year by finishing 5th overall in the Angler’s Choice East Texas Team Tournament Circuit. Kistler claims that spending time in the field, talking to tournament fishermen, gives him the knowledge he needs to build rods exactly like the fishing public wants. CastAway is proud of the fact that they have never received a critical product review. In the November 91 issue of Tackle Test, a Consumer Reports type of non bios product evaluation service, they say, “We liked the looks and feel of CastAway rods. And their prices allow serious and weekend anglers alike to afford quality and looks. Consider CastAway before buying any other high end rods.” Again in May 92 Tackle Test goes even further in their endorsement of CastAway rods, “We shy away from blanket endorsements of any manufacturers goods, but CastAway has done as good a job on it’s rods as we’ve seen. We have been consistently impressed with the actions, finish and components on CastAway products.” In 93 CastAway plans to introduce a whole new line of moderately priced rods with the same CastAway quality and look. In January 93 they are scheduled to move into their new 5000 square foot facility in Montgomery which has been designed to handle their current production requirements and allow for future expansion. According to Billy Kistler having their own facility, specifically designed for rod building, will afford CastAway an increase in efficiency in the production process resulting in an even higher quality product. To see their product line look for them in booth 540 and 541 at the Houston Boat Show January 2-10 at the Astro Hall and Astro Arena. They will have some great freebies like hats with their jazzy CastAway logo. For more information contact them at 409-582-1677.

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