Goose Lake Red River NM

Goose Lake Red River NM

Goose Lake, New Mexico is about 8.5 miles southwest of Red River along Goose Lake Road. Four-wheel drive and a high-clearance vehicle are needed to traverse this route. Goose Lake is home to Rainbow and Cutthroat trout. Goose Lake features some crystal clear water, meaning you have to be on your A-game to catch one.

Fishing at goose lake is accessible from Highway 38 at Red River, proceed south on Highway 578 to goose lake turnoff. Goose lake road is four wheel drive road.

Life at 8,750 feet: Every day’s an adventure in this iconic New Mexico mountain town. A morning of angling nets you a Rainbow Trout. A hike into deep wilderness reveals spectacular views of towering peaks against a brilliant blue sky.

Step back into the Old West during an afternoon walk on Main Street, where the locals you meet have colorful stories to tell. Later, as a glowing sunset paints the sky, you’re already planning your return for the family ski trip.

Like the wind flowing through the pines or the water flowing over rocks or the mule deer nudging each other across Main Street, life moves at a slower, more meaningful pace. Even if you’re tearing it up on the slopes or an OHV ride, special moments don’t slip by as quickly. Re-gaining time with loved ones: It’s what brings individuals and families here, and what brings them back. Plan your trip today.

The Red River of New Mexico, United States, is a short, perennial river that flows down the north slope of Mount Wheeler in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, flows west past the towns of Red River and Questa and then south into the Rio Grande just south of the La Junta Campground. The Red River is Taos’s winter fishery with prime time being from October through early April. The Red provides visitors the unique opportunity to fish and ski on the same trip. A myriad of springs flow into the river greatly increasing the flows and keeping the water temperatures in the optimum trout fishing range of between 45 and 60 degrees making the Red an ideal winter trout fishery.

As the summer monsoon season comes to an end and afternoon showers begin to taper off, the river settles down and clears nicely, allowing the fun to begin.

In the fall, towards the middle to end of October, larger rainbow trout begin staging in the lower reaches of the river near the confluence with the Rio Grande and start pushing up the river to spawn, creating a great opportunity for a shot at some big Browns through November as they migrate up river and back again. The Red River is noted for its trout fishery and its lower portion is part of the Wild Rivers Recreation Area. Located below Questa on the river is the New Mexico Red River Fish Hatchery.

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