Fly Casting Like a Pro Series: #3 Casting Loops

New Mexico Fly Fishing Guide

Fly Fusion Field Editor Jeff Wagner and fly-fishing icon Bruce Richards cover various topics in this informative fly-casting series that is packed full of cast-changing tips.

New Mexico Fly Fishing Guide is dedicated to providing fishing enthusiasts a venue for posting news about fishing experiences, questions and comments. You submit the news about your favorite river or stream, conservation issues or anything else, related to fly fishing, that’s on your mind.

New Mexico Fly Fishing Guide

Anglers spend millions of dollars annually on the raising and stocking of rainbow trout throughout New Mexico. America’s most spectacular contribution to the sport-fishing world, rainbow trout are transplanted from their home in the Pacific Northwest throughout the world. To identify a rainbow trout, look for a dark back, polished silvery sides, a red band along the lateral line, shimmers of green and blue in the sunlight, and black specks from head to tail. The red lateral band varies from faint in lake fish to brilliant in stream fish.

New Mexico Fly Fishing Guide

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