Winter Bass Fishing with Spoons

Winter Bass Fishing with Spoons
December is one of the best months of the year to fish Lake Conroe. The lake is practically deserted this time of year which is a little ironic because the fishing is alway hot this month. Most of the fish are on main lake humps and ridges that apex in 20-33’ of water. A 3/4 oz Cobra Jigging Spoon is the number one bait for the deep schools of fish. Black bass, white bass, crappie, catfish, and most other game fish will be holding on the main lake humps and ridges. All of these fish will hit the spoons as it resembles a wounded shad when on the fall. Big bass will be common this month on white and chartreuse Cobra spoons. Every marina around the lake has photographs taken during the month of December of big bass caught on jigging spoons. The main lake structures are easy to find and there are plenty of them with fish on them. Graph out the bigger main lake points looking for the edge of the point where it meets the river. The most distinctly breaking area of the structure will usually hold the most fish. Anywhere you have a bunch of bigger fish within three feet of bottom on top of a hump or ridge is a good spot to mark and spoon. Fish that are suspended on the edges of the humps say five feet or higher off of the bottom are not as active and harder to catch. There is usually alot more fish suspended out on the edges of the humps but you will usually do better if you fish for the few that you see close to the bottom on top of the hump because they are feeding. The top of the humps is a constant feeding area for fish. Fish are continuously pushing shad up onto the humps. The lunar tables will prove themselves to you daily if you pay attention the highs and lows in the feeding times. Fish turn on and off to these tables almost like clockwork. Well this spoon pattern carries all the way into January and will get better daily from now on until then. Bill Cannan Professional Fishing Guide

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