Top Brass Crappie Rig

Top Brass Crappie Rig
As you well know if you have read anything about Lake Conroe this year is that the crappie fishing is premier. I think that it is safe to say that Lake Conroe is one of the best crappie lakes in the state this year. Many of us Lake Conroe fishermen have spent a lot of time fishing for the papermouths. We have all got our little tricks of the trade honed up for this crappie fishing. There is definitely plenty of ways to load the boat full of crappie and who is to say which way is best. Some of the crappie fulltimers will tell you crappie jigs under the 1097, minnows sunk around timber, or a minnow-jig combination in the creek channels. All of these methods will work. I have spent my fair share of time on the water “crappie guiding” and come up with a rig that works wonders for catching crappie. The crappie rig that is used on my boat takes several principles and applies them to crappie fishing. Anytime that you are fishing around the bottom, brush, or standing timber the rig you use must be somewhat weedless. If not you will spend all of your time hung up and retying. When fishing off-colored water a noise making devise within a rig will help attract fish. Taking this into mind a crappie rig that is weedless and makes noise most certainly is the way to go. This rig requires a one ought crappie hook, two 10mm Top Brass glass beads, and a Top Brass 3/8 oz brass weight. To rig it up slide the line through the eye of the hook. Next slide the line through the brass weight, then through both glass beads. Tie the line to the second glass bead. So now you have line through the hook, weight, glass bead, and the line tied to the second glass bead. Now take the hook and slide it up the line away from the weight and glass beads about a foot. Pull the hook to the side so that it doubles the line. Take the doubled line and tie a knot in it about three inches from the hook. Make this a double knot. Now take the hook and pull it away from the knot. Make another knot between the eye of the hook and the double knot. To fish the rig drop it down to the bottom or the desired depth. If the hook becomes hung up don’t pull tight on the line simply lower your rod tip and let the weight fall, it will dislodge the hook. The brass and glass when engaged makes a clicking sound that attracts fish. When fishing the rig simply jig it occasionally or shake the rig. Many times your strike will occur immediately after the brass and glass have engaged. The brass and glass clicking resembles a crawfish kicking its tail for propulsion. This will be a good month to fish this rig since the water is off color due to the flooding. Be on the look out for floating debris or floating logs caused by the floods. Good luck fishing. Bill Cannan Professional Fishing Guide

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