Toledo Bend Bass Fishing Report July 2003

Toledo Bend Bass Fishing Report July 2003
Grass, grass, grass, or the lack thereof has drastically changed the fishing patterns on Toledo Bend compared to years past when the deep hydrilla was everywhere. That’s another whole subject on what’s happened to the grass but now it’s structure, structure, structure and depth. Hopefully, the deep grass will come back someday but until then fishing some type of structure is the key to catching quality fish. If you are a serious fisherman and tired of fishing all the community holes that get hammered, try making your own honey holes by dropping your on structure (brush tops, willow trees or something natural to the environment, not washing machines, refrigerators or something that should go to the salvage yard) in areas that will hold fish if the cover is there. Alt copy goes hereLook for areas where two creeks come together and form a point or bend. Creeks, guts and ditches that drop into deeper water are natural areas where bass will hold if they have some type of cover. As the water temperature inches up the bass move into deeper cooler hauntes along deep- water creeks, sloughs and the old river channel shelf and ledges. The bends and points in these areas that have brush tops, lay downs and other cover are the areas to concentrate. Early morning and on cloudy days work the edges of the pepper grass, duckweed, and lily pads growing close to deep water with top water plugs, buzz baits, spinner baits, shallow diving crank baits, soft plastics and finesse plastics. When the sun gets overhead and the shallow bit slows down, back out to deeper water and work deep diving crank baits, Texas or Cr rigged plastics. Also watch along main lake points, boat lanes, road –beds, flats and timber- lines for schooling bass. Keep a top water plug, trap, or shallow diving crank bait handy when they are schooling. If the fish go down throw a Texas, CR rig, slab spoon or tall spinner on the bottom. Also keep an eye open in these same areas for the White bass and use the same baits. Greg Crafts Toledo Bend Guide Greg Crafts Phone: 936.368.7151

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