The Fine Lines of Bass Fishing

The Fine Lines of Bass Fishing
The line between catching fish and not catching fish is remarkably fine,this line is more prevalently fine when fishing for bass. There is art to catching any fish, especially with black bass. Maybe the art is the same with all freshwater fish but there is no doubt that there is more emphasis put on catching black bass than any other freshwater fish in this part of the country. Through reading, learning, and hours on the water you can balance yourself on this line so that you consistently catch bass. Initially learning the seasonal patterns and migrations of bass and then on to learning how bass react to the many weather variations. Billions of pages of information could be written to try and explain all of the patterns and how bass relate to weather. What is funny is that some of the best bass fishermen in the world admit to totally understanding very few of these pages. Their performances portray a seemingly total understanding of all of the pages and at times their comprehension seems to exceed these pages. When learning an art such as bass fishing the more that you learn seems to reveal the fact of what you do not know. I break down all of the different techniques, weather conditions, patterns, etc. into individual levels or lines. The lines run from left to right with the left being the simplest form of that subject. Your learning does not always begin here but for most bass fishermen who seek the complete knowledge their learning backs up to the left to where they master the basics of each “line”. The more you learn the further to the right your knowledge carries you on the “line”, however the line is infinite to the right. This line can also be equated to the line I referred to earlier which is the “fine line” between catching fish and not catching fish. If you deviate from the line you get away from the correct knowledge that lies along this line and suffer the consequences of not catching fish. Getting into the “flow” of Mother Nature can help steer you down this line. Becoming more environmentally conscious when on the water like making sure you leave nothing behind from a day of fishing, increase your awareness by listening to the rhythm of nature(the birds, insects, etc.), and developing a deeper appreciation for the outdoors. These three bits of information would be found way on the left of the “in the flow” line, some of the simplest starting points of this level. This line level system is a simple way to look at the knowledge that you amass through your fishing experiences. There is no limit to the number of levels in your system and you can label them anything you like. My system goes unwritten but this is the way I perceive the knowledge I have attained throughout my fishing career. Remember there is always another level and one little experience or bit of knowledge can get you to another level where you can advance your understanding of that level information. Bill Cannan Professional Fishing Guide

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