EAGLE NEST – Eagle Nest Lake is closed to ice fishing until further notice because of recent warm, windy weather that has created unsafe ice conditions, the Department of Game and Fish and the New Mexico State Parks Division announced Wednesday. The lake will remain open for bank fishing only in Eagle Nest Lake State Park and in Game and Fish access areas.

Temperatures in the 40s, combined with high winds caused much of the ice to melt and created large areas of open water at the lake, which until this week was frozen over. The ice is still thick in some areas, but officials worry that pieces could break off and float away from shore. Weather forecasts of temperatures in the 50s for the next few days compounded public safety concerns.

The lake will reopen to ice-fishing when conditions improve. Meanwhile, anglers can fish for trout, salmon and perch in areas of open water along the bank. Updates will be posted on the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish Web site fishing report page, www.wildlife.state.nm.us/recreation/fishing/fishing_report.htm.

For more information and current ice conditions, please call Eagle Nest State Park at (505) 377-1594 or New Mexico State Parks at (800) NM PARKS.