Sam Rayburn Fishing Report August 1995

Sam Rayburn Fishing Report August 1995
ishing on Lake Sam Rayburn is not only back to a summertime pattern but we are back to our 100degree temperatures and late evening thunder showers. Please remember to take along some Catch and Release or ice for your fish. We do want to be able to release them in the best condition possible. With all this hot weather also remember to take along plenty of fluids for yourself and sunscreen. White buzzbaits along with your favorite top water baits are still producing action early and late. Once the sun is up that bite is just about over. But don’t put your rod away we have had some schooling fish around main lake points and you will want to be able to throw something at them quickly once you have spotted them. Also late in the evening there have been schooling fish around the Black Forrest area . These schooling fish don’t stay up very long so be alert. Rayburn’s grass is not up to par this year. The grass line is very hard to follow and the matt is not solid. Favorite flipping areas such as Needmore and Farmers are no exception. But the fish are still holding in it. Most of the fish being caught are on the bottom, this is where that 1oz. jig in Black/Blue or Black/Brown/Amber comes in. Start in about 10ft. -12ft. of water. Look for the points of hydrilla. Most of the time if you find one or two fish in an area there will be several more . I use Stanley’s Rattling jig in 1 oz. Sometimes when the bite is tough the rattle makes all the difference. You also need to have a rod with enough backbone to hoist your trophy out . I would suggest a Castaway Grass Rake. The name say’s it all, this is the ultimate rod for grass fishing. You will also need to have some type of braided line . Lynch line in 75lb test or Spiderwire will work great this line has not streatch so your can snatch your catch right out of the hydrilla. Remember that vertically flipping a jig can be boring but the results can also be very rewarding. On the South end of the lake ,Rayburn has a Friday Jackpot Tournament to offer anglers that lasts 4hours and has a 3 fish limit. This is a tournament open to all, and can be alot of fun. Gene Larew has out some new colors in Hawg craws that have been very popular . They are core shots. Colors are: redbloodline,bluebloodline, pumpkin core and firetiger and don’t forget glow. Glow is a white hawg craw that is very hot right now. For the lastest in tackle or a fishing report just give us a call at D.J.’s Tackle 1-800-870-0131. This lake report is provided by La Donna Jones. La Donna is a Tackle shop owner, and an avid angler who is fishing the Bass-N-Gal Circuit along with several other tournament trails, she is a member of the Texas Outdoors Writers Association and provides a weekly report for the Jasper NewsBoy. La Donna is currently sponsored by Castaway Rods and StanleyJigs.

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