Riverside Lures

Riverside Lures
If you want to up your average on catching your fish, try some of the new Fortified Riverside soft Plastics. Riverside, Big Wag, Big Claw, and Big Foot are now hyper charged with the same all-natural, real crwfish extracts found in Riverside Real Claw attractant. The Riverside Grub and Big Gun are hyper-charged with real Baitfish attractant. The Big Claw has the most lifelike action of any soft plastic crawfish on the market today. The Big Claw in five weeks of feild testing was credited the winnings of almost $15,000 in just four tournaments. Each Big Claw is hyper-charged with Real Claw, the only real crawfish extract in the world. On Lake Sam Rayburn, in 1991 the call time B.A.S.S. ; 11 time B.A.S.S. Master Classic Qualifier, 7 time National Champion, 1987 B.A.S.S Angler of the year. One year later Denny’s record was broken by Kevin Van Dam, using the Riverside Big Foot Lizard with Real Craw scent. The Big Foot Lizard has more detailed features than any other lizard on the market today. The head, body and feet have been sculptured to great detail. The lizard has more flash and action, with the flexible tail and legs. The Big Wag curly tail worms, with side to side action, will produce unbelievable strikes. The Big Wag is excellent will fishing weeds, brush, and grass. The flat belly and flotation allows it to be perfect for a topwater also. The worm is available in 6” and 7 1/2”. The Riverside Grub, and Bigt Gun are hyper-charged with real baitfish extract. The Grub comes in the length of 5” and 3”. The Big Gun comes in 4’ and 6’. The Grub and Big Gun jerkbait come iun the colors that will all produce good quality bass. All of the Riverside plastics come in resealable packages, with easy access for the angler. All plastics have each been hyper-charged with scent and flavor.

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