Red River Fly Fishing Reports June 1999
Ed Adams New Mexico Fly Fishing GuideJuly and August: I don’t fish here much in the summer months as there are lots of other places to fish now that summer is on us and I am guiding most days. Summer rains up close to the town of Red River often cause the Red to get almost yellow in color and hence unfishable. After a good rain it often takes the Red a week to clear and makes summer fishing unpredictable. When its clear it can still be worthwhile..Water temps are critical with low water conditions and temps over 65* are too warm and fishing will fall off. The springs that make the Red such a good winter fishery also tend to keep the Red cooler in summer but this year we have been seeing temps as high as 68* in the afternoon during July and August. Ed Adams New Mexico Fly Fishing Guide Questa, New Mexico 505.586.1512