Little Things in Bass Fishing

Little Things in Bass Fishing
So many of the “little things” in bass fishing are overlooked by anglers. They still catch bass because they do enough things right to overcome the things they may not do completely right. Over time a bass fisherman develops a confidence in his productive methods and fishes himself into a rut. Gaining a particular confidence in a technique is one of the keys to successful bass fishing but to limit experimentation because of having confidence in one successful method will inhibit your maturity as an elite angler. An elite angler is a bass fisherman who has mastered all of the seasonal patterns and has a combined knowledge of the scientific and spiritual sides of bass fishing. I am certainly no elite angler, however what I have learned through experience is that the experience itself is the way to becoming an elite angler. Bass fishing is very similar to golf. A guy who can shoot scratch consistently but cannot shoot a 68 or 69 is a great golfer but he is no where near the golfer who can post a 60 or a 61. Here’s what separates the two golfers. The first golfer is a great golfer but has played himself into a rut because he has developed confidence in a style and will not experiment further for fear of losing his game, the second golfer has the added confidence in the success he has achieved through his continuous experimentation. The principle is same with fishing. The fear of not catching fish keeps fishermen from experimenting and enhancing their proven techniques. Little things are what set elite anglers apart from great bass fishermen. Little things that elite anglers learn through countless hours of trial and error on the water, hours and hours of tournament competition, and fishing through many changing weather conditions are what separate them from great fishermen. After a while all of the little things add up to a specific style and understanding that is unique to that fisherman. His perception of a situation includes all of his senses and his knowledge becomes a series of confident actions. In the next few months I am going to be targeting some of the “little things” and how to experiment and develop yourself to the next level and towards the goal we all strive for which is becoming an elite angler. Meanwhile be aware of the “little things” that you may do that define you as a fisherman, just being aware is a step in the right direction. Bill Cannan Professional Fishing Guide

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