Lake Livingston Bass Fishing Report September 1995

Lake Livingston Bass Fishing Report September 1995
Black Bass: Bass have been very aggressive and this will continue through the Fall. Spinnerbaits fished around laydowns and standing timber has been a hot ticket. Also firetiger crankbaits fished around rocks, timber, and reeds has been effective. Early and late a buzzbait is very effective-chartreuse and white skirt and fish it just fast enough to keep the bait on the surface. Zara puppies and pop r’s will also work. Also look for bass schooling in the backs of the creeks. White Bass: Whites are sporadically schooling with black bass up on the north end creeks. September 25 we got into schooling whites in Harmon and Carolina Creeks. There were also some black bass in there with them. The fish were schooled up on shad that have been in the creeks spawning and hit anything chartreuse. The whites are not real predictable this time of year so when you get into them you better stroke em’ because more than likely they’ll be off to some other creek the next day Catfish: Trotliners are bringing in good catches with some really big catfish showing up in the river. Also rod and reel fishermen have been catching them early in the morning feeding around bulkheads. The best baits have been shad, chicken liver, prepared dough baits, and live earthworms. Crappie: Many of the marinas who have their docks baited with brushpiles are preparing for Fall crappie fishing. A cold spell or two will cool the water and get the fish active and biting. Minnows and jigs fished around the brushpiles is a sure bet for catching crappie this month. Fall is Lake Livingston’s highlighted season for fishing. Overall fishing is excellent and the temperatures are mild so make sure to plan a fishing trip and enjoy the lake. Bill Cannan Professional Fishing Guide

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