Hustle Up Some Texas Bass Action With Lil’ Hustler!!

Hustle Up Some Texas Bass Action With Lil’ Hustler!!
If you are looking for a great line of fishing baits then check out the Lil’ Hustler Tackle Company product line. Few companies have an extensive assortment of quality lures as Lil’ Hustler. Whether your interest lies in tossing a spinnerbait, flippin’ a jig, buzzin’ some of those semi-submerged brush piles, or bouncing a tube bait off the corner of a boatdock, … Lil’ Hustler Tackle Company has a bait to meet all your needs. Lil Hustler Escort Spinnerbait The Escort Series – This has to be one of the most lifelike spinnerbaits ever created. Not only is the Escort Series spinnerbait fun to use, but it is also a proven winner on the tournament trail. Quality and the Escort Series go hand in hand since the baits are built with 24K gold blades, silver-plated blades, Mustad® ultra-point hooks, Sampo swivels, premium silicone skirts, realistic glass eyes, and a lifelike finish to attract lunker bass. The 3/8 oz. and the 1/2 oz. models have been designed with the same size profile. The 1/2 oz. has a wider section at the bottom to increase casting distance without increasing the profile of the bait. Available in: 1/4 oz., 3/8 oz., 1/2 oz. and 1 oz. Lil Hustler Spoiler Spinnerbait Spoiler Spinnerbait – Like to fish the “junk”? Well the unique head design of this bait allows you pull it over logs, limbs, stumps, etc. with ease. When the broken, flat style head, comes in contact with an object, the hook just rises up away from the potential hang-up and keeps right on going. Once the bait clears the obstacle it can be allowed to fall straight down on the far side of the stump or log where the lunker is waiting. The style of head and size of blades cause a vibration when pulled through the water which allows the fish to really home-in on it, and is especially effective when used in darker waters or for some of that Texas night-fishing. Available in: 1/4 oz. and 3/8 oz. Lil Hustler Viper Buzzbait Viper Buzzbait – This is a premium buzz bait that is heavy enough to be make long casts, but will easily pop to the surface with little effort on the part of the fisherman. The flat snake-like head design slides right over the top of moss and through grassy and weedy area’s where lunker bass like to hide. This is a bait designed to be easily worked on the surface using either a fast or slow retrieve. The big two piece 4-blade lets this bait be fished on those windy Texas days when other buzz baits just can’t be used. Available in: 1/4 oz. and 3/8 oz. and in Mini Blade, Large Blade or Flat Blade Okie Twister Buzzbait Okie Twister Buzzbait – Unlike most buzzbaits on the market today, the double blades on this bait move in counter directions, which allow you to work it extremely slow. With its small size it can be maintained on the surface even with the slowest ratio gear reel on the market. This bait is ideal for those days when the water has a slight ripple or when the bass get a bit “spooky”. Designed with perfect balance, the Okie Twister Buzzbait is ideal for keeping in the target area longer. And when worked fast along the surface, the bait runs true and does not have a tendency to “roll-over” like other baits. Available in: 1/4 oz. and 3/8 oz. Lil Hustler Pro Model Jig Pro Model Jig – The new Pro Model Jig is designed for the toughest jig fishing situations that any fisherman will face. And in Texas that means bumping the bait around lots of wood, heavy weeds and grass. Important design features include: integral line tie, premium Mustad® Ultrapoint hooks, trailer keeper incorporated into jig head and dual rattles that float within the shirt. The Pro Jig comes in 12 great colors to meet every fishing situation. Available in: 1/4 oz., 3/8 oz., 1/2 oz., and 1 oz. Lil Jiggle Lil’ Jiggle – There may well be no better tool for the finesse fisherman than the Lil’ Jiggle. It is packaged with 2 jigs and 4 matching tube craws with a Mustad® Ultrapoint hook. The Lil’ Jiggle has an extended trailer keeper which causes the bait to fall slow and horizontal. Its compact size is great for those heavily pressured fish. Available in 8 premium silicone shirt colors and in 1/8 oz., 1/4 oz. and 3/8 oz. sizes Pitchin' and Flippin' Tubes Pitchin’ and Flippin’ Tubes – The Pitchin’ and Flippin’ Tubes have to be one of the hottest baits on the tournament trail. If you are not using them you are definitely missing out on some great fishing action. Lil’ Hustler Tackle Company offers them in 2 sizes and a wide range of colors. Available in: 3.5″ and 4″. Lil Hustler Lead Head Hooks Lead Head Hooks – Looking for lead head hooks? Lil Hustler has the ultimate set up for all your largemouth or smallmouth fishing needs. Each lead head features a quality Mustad® Ultrapoint hook. Available in: 1/4 oz. and 3/8 oz. ********************************** Lil’ Hustler Tackle Company Partners with NH BASS Federation The New Hampshire B.A.S.S. Federation is pleased to announce a new sponsor for 2005. Lil’ Hustler Tackle Company of Pembroke New Hampshire has offered to help supply the 2005 State Team with a generous tackle kit. In addition, NH Federation State Team members will qualify for special pricing on the entire Lil’ Hustler tackle line. Manufactured right here in New Hampshire by owner and NH B.A.S.S. Federation member Ron Poirier, the addition of Lil’ Hustler to the growing list of Federation sponsors is a welcome and natural fit. Lil’ Hustler is well known in this region for producing quality spinnerbaits and buzzbaits and has recently branched out into the jig and tube market. We are proud to be associated with quality, local-made products such as Lil’ Hustler and we hope this partnership is mutually beneficial and long lasting. (story credits to Dave Andrews) Lil’ Hustler Tackle Company products can be viewed on the web at If additional communication is needed call 1-603-224-8856 or FAX 1-603-228-4364. Good Fishing – BigBassJB

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