Happy Spring from Conejos River Anglers

Happy Spring from Conejos River Anglers

That incredible smell in the air that is spring has just about taken over my nice winter work habits and has sent me to the river more then a man should. Just wanted to update you on what is happening here on the Conejos. We have had several weeks of good fishing and feel like we have our own 50 mile private trout club! Spring fishing on the Conejos has proved to be something new to most of us and we have realized that these fish are very catchable and active. We will continue to see what type of spring hatches and fishing opportunities are here now that we are “on” the river more consistently. Snowpack has come up dramatically in the last 2 months to reach 73%! Should make for a great month of June and July for the Pteronarcys Stonefly and the Green Drakes. The First Annual Conejos Superfly is full and then some and we look forward to a fun weekend. The Conejos Superfly Trophy is now completed and you all will get to see it in the shop this year with this years winner. If all goes well we will probobly have a 2 day event next year open to around 60 teams in early May. You all are welcome to the awards dinner and party at Conejos Ranch starting at 4:30.
After several days of tea colored water the river is clearing and the fishing should get a little easier after a tough couple of days. Most of the fish have been fat and healthy and we have only caught a few fish this year under 14″! We have also been seeing more Rainbows then we have seen in years as well as some larger Cutthroats. The tailwater section of the Conejos below the dam will give us some good fishing during this years short runoff and the La Jara and Los Pinos will also help fill that void while the Conejos is “up”.

The shop has added St. Croix and some other smaller lines to add to what we sold last year. We will begin 7 day a week hours in May and look forward to seeing you all again this summer. Thousands of flies will be here soon and after a year to concentrate on the fishes diet last year we will be able to do a better job of knowing what bugs are in the stomachs of these frequently picky Browns. There were many times in years past when we thought that the Browns had gone to lay down but in fact were eating something other then what we were offering. This year we will be doing even more stomach samples and seining to be on top of what is happening here. The fishing reports will be frequent and detailed.

For those of you wanting to escape the crowds of the Arkansas, San Juan and other popular spring rivers the Conejos will offer some great fishing in late April and early May. And will also offer you the opportunity to catch some of the rivers biggest fish in a relaxed unpressured environment. Amazingly there is almost no one that fishes the La Jara, Los Pinos, or the Conejos in the spring. For those that know vacation dates in advance soon would would be a great time to reserve your rooms or guides here. Alot of days are already full for the cabins and guide days.

Early Fishing dates:

Now thru middle of May; Good fishing on the Conejos, Los Pinos, and La Jara. Pike fishing in Rio Grande and Sanchez. Trout fishing good in the Rio Grande Gorge in N.M. and Rio Grande in Colorado
May; great carp and pike fishing on Sanchez, Fishing in the tailwater section below Platoro dam on the Conejos
Early June; great nymphing prior to the big Stones, High mountain lakes are fantastic, Dry fly fishing on the La Jara and Los Pinos heats up
Mid June; Beginning of the “Big Stones”. Great nymphing and dry fly fishing
End June; Golden Stones, Caddis, and Pteronarcys Stoneflies are the keys. Higher mountain streams open up to fishing and the options become endless.
July; PMD’s, Caddis, assorted Mayflies, and the big Green Drake, Golden Stones (early July)

Questions or reservations call

Conejos River Anglers
Jon Harp
(719) 376-5660

For weather, fishing reports, or streamflows

Look forward to seeing your faces soon, Jon Harp

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