Gibbons Creek Bass Fishing Report

Gibbons Creek Bass Fishing Report
February mean late prespawn or spawn for the bass in Gibbon’s Creek Reservoir. A power plant lake, the water temperature stays a few degrees warmer than Other east Texas lakes. A former holder of the Texas state record bass, you can bet that giant bass swim in this small reservoir. Which is why I guide and fish it myself. Keep in mind that Gibbon’s is strictly catch and release for large mouth bass. But a good shot at your personal best makes it worth that. As I write this our weather is still fall like, so if this remains the trend expect the spawn to be on. A some what discolored or stained body of water, sight fishing is a rarity. So if the bass are between the inside grass line and the bank you’ll need to fish a locator bait such as a Slug-Go type jerk bait. A white skirted Stanley Wedge 3/8 oz. Spinnerbait worked around all the laydowns and stumps will get ambushed as well. If the bass haven’t moved to the beds yet, you’ll need to fish the inside and outside edge of the grass which can be accomplished on the same cast as the grass is narrow due to the water color. Start the morning off with a buzz-bait working from the bank to the open water past the outside edge of the grass. Use a big bladed buzz-bait and work it just fast enough to stay on the surface. Never set the hook when you sec the strike, but wait until you feel the bass. Once the surface bite has stopped I’ll change to a Stanley Wedge spinnerbait with a willow leaf blade around the grass and a Colorado blade around the stumps and laydowns. A red, chrome, or gold Rattle Trap will also be seen sailing away from my rod tip. This time of year I never use less than 18 lb. Triple Fish Camo Escent fishing line. Re-tie (often if you don’t want a story about the one that got away. This is such a great “Power-Bait” lake that I never throw finesse baits. Doesn’t mean they don’t work, they do. But I catch a lot more fish a lot faster with “Power-Baits”. And if you fish Gibbon’s and don’t do any good, you are definitely doing something wrong. It’s not a high numbers lake but it is a high quality lake. one last note on the lake, it’s closed on Wednesdays. And if you want some quality instruction on a quality lake in the art of fishing “Power-Baits” give me a call and we’ll set up a trip Great Fishing.

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