Red River Fly Fishing Report 03/25/2004

Red River Fly Fishing Report 03/25/2004

On 3/6 I fished with Joe & Rita. It was the first nice warm day after a week of cold snowy weather..The normal Mayfly hatch came off and the fish were on the emerger. We didn’t see a lot of Caddis…A good day but not great..On 3/7 I fished for 4 hours below the Hatchery and water temps were 50-56*. Dry fly action on the Para Adams#14 was great for an hour or so. I didn’t see any Caddis..Fishing slowed after 3pm..On 3/8 Rita fished the same area I fished yesterday. She did very well and saw a bunch of Caddis that must have been hiding in the bushes yesterday. She fished a dry Caddis with a Caddis larva dropper. On 3/12 I fished alone, water temps were 52-56* and flow was up but fishable..It picked up when the Mayflies came off in early afternoon and continued good the rest of the day…Caddis later..On 3/19 I fished alone and temps were 53-60*. Lots of Caddis and the flow was up and fishing was fair..Best fish a 17″ Cutbo..On 3/28 I fished wth Rita and we got behind a couple of other anglers and it was poor but it is hard to say how the fishing is when you’re getting the second bite out of the apple..Water level remains higher than at this time in the past few years. New Mexico Fly Fishing Guide Ed Adams

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