Conejos River Fly Fishing Report 08/25/1999

Conejos River Fly Fishing Report 08/25/1999

By early August flows from Platoro had dropped to 40-60cfs and the Pinnacles were wadeable for the first time this season. Fishing was good with Caddis or Hoppers on top with a Beadhead dropper {Prince-Copper John #14}. Lots of Browns 13-17″ with an occasional Cutbo to 20″. On 8/4 and 8/16 we fished the Hamilton lease and on the 14th it was slow and we didn’t get a lot of fish but some nice ones. On 8/16 we got over 75 fish thru the lease, mostly Browns and none over 17″. Patterns used were Hoppers. Moths and Caddis with the usual droppers { Caddis emerger-Prince or Copper Johns #14}. Fishing was great in the Pinnacles and above thru the month. New Mexico Fly Fishing Guide Ed Adams

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