Cimarron River Fly Fishing Report 08/25/2003

Cimarron River Fly Fishing Report 08/25/2003

Flows remained at 35cfs for the first week of August and fishing was good on Caddis patterns. On 8/6 flows increased to 60cfs and this was too high to fish in the Public section but was quite good down on the Cita where the water can spread out a little. On 8/12 the flow increased again to 93cfs and wading was impossible in the Public water and a few of the beaver dams in the Quality Water blew out and made the lower river too murky to fish. On 8/20 with the flow reading on the internet at 15cfs I was driving down to the Cita and the flow looked considerably larger than even the 93cfs last week. We fished the Cita all morning and at lunch lots of dirty water came down and ruined our afternoon. It takes 5 hours for water to get from the dam to Ute Park. Flow was up to 150cfs as Raton and Springer were having trouble with their domestic water supplies. New Mexico Fly Fishing Guide Ed Adams

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