Conejos River Trout Fly Fishing Access at Aspen Glade Campground

Conejos River Trout Fishing Access at Aspen Glade Campground

Catching a 5-pound rainbow trout is possible on the Conejos River throughout the summer and fall seasons, but you better be willing to get up early before the fish fill up.

The campground, located on Colorado HWY 17, adjacent to the Conejos River and is wooded with Ponderosa pines.

Loop B is marked and is also lightly wooded with Ponderosa pines.

Loop C (also unmarked) is adjacent to the fast-moving Conejos River. It is below Loops A and B and heavily wooded with tall, mature spruce.

Rainbow Trout

The ground cover for all loops is grass and pine needles. The smell of Ponderosa is evident in Loops A and B and one can hear the river throughout the campground.

This is a pleasant and attractive campground that is excellent for both the transient and destination camper.

The Conejos River, Gold Medal trout fishing 1/4 mile upstream from the campground. Fly fishing only in the river. Hiking on the nearby Sheep Creek Trail.

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